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Restarting academic exchange and teacher-student interaction in “Cloud Salon”

Time:2020-05-27 11:12:44


One of the reports in the PolarWisdom


Academic exchange is an eternal theme for scientific research and postgraduate cultivation. Despite COVID-19 compelling teachers and postgraduates to stay at home, but the teachers and students from Chinese Antarctic Center of Surveying and Mapping (CACSM), Wuhan University are looking forward to renewing academic communication.

The academic salon called PolarWisdom is an exchange platform held by CACSM, which faces the whole Wuhan University staff. Academic exchanges can bring various and latest academic information to teachers, students and peers in polar research. And these exchanges aim to provide more relaxed and enjoying learning atmosphere and inspire students to find their research interests. Instead of off-line activities, PolarWisdom exchanges are held online during the outbreak. We invited experienced professors, young scholars and postgraduates who come from Wuhan University or other research institutes to conduct exchange in webinar (called Cloud Salon). Without the barriers of spatial distances for speakers and audiences, our webinar attracts more peers who are interested in polar study from other schools, and PolarWisdom will be held from once two weeks to once a week.
The Cloud Salon has been held twice till now. One lecturer was Zhang Teng, a doctoral student coming from Wuhan University, whose report theme was the Research about Radiant Flux of Cloud in Sea Ice Region of Antarctica. Another lecturer was Li Xinqing, a postdoctor coming from Sun Yat-Sen University, whose report theme was Remote Sensing Observation and Simulation of Antarctic Fast Ice. Zhang Teng started his report with the distribution and change of Antarctic cloudage, and then showed change features of Antarctic sea ice surface radiation flux. At the end of the report, he demonstrated the climate change characteristics of Antarctic sea ice especially in summer, providing a strong evidence for understanding the cooling phenomenon of the Antarctic in recent decades. Li Xinqing presented fast ice dataset around south pole continent, which were obtained through SAR dataset. Based on fast ice dataset, Li analyzed spatial distribution features and change of Antarctic fast ice, and uncovered interactive relationship of fast ice and large iceberg through two classical cases. Each report attracted more than 50 participants, and the audience were engaged in the splendid reports. 

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