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Important letter from General Secretary Xi Jinping

Time:2023-12-02 17:47:28


Important letter from General Secretary Xi Jinping


Representatives of teachers and students from Wuhan University participating in the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Expedition Team:

Hello everyone! I have received your letter. In the past 40 years, teachers and students of Wuhan University have persisted in participating in scientific expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica, fully leveraging their disciplinary advantages, completing a series of scientific expedition tasks, spreading the Chinese proposition of peaceful use of the polar regions, and making active contributions to China's polar scientific expedition cause.
You said very well in your letter that you want to use the great cause of the country to hone the true abilities of young people. It is hoped that the majority of teachers and students of the school will always keep in mind the "big country", continue to forge ahead, develop excellent skills, climb the scientific peak, and make new and greater contributions to achieving self-reliance in high-level science and technology, building a strong country in education, science and technology, and talent, and comprehensively promoting Chinese path to modernization.
The four teachers and students who are participating in China's 40th Antarctic Scientific Expedition mission, I extend warm condolences to you and through you to all members of the Antarctic Scientific Expedition Team. I hope that comrades will work hard, work diligently, and take good care of their health. The motherland and people look forward to everyone's victory.
Xi Jinping
December 1, 2023

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