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PANG Xiaoping

PHD supervisor
Polar Mapping & Cartography and Geography Information System
•Academic Experiences
2002, Cooperative research in University of Jena, Germany
2001, Scientific expedition in the Antarctica
2012, Scientific expedition in the Arctic
•Research Results
1.Xiaoping Pang, Haiyan Liu and Xi Zhao (2014) Mapping suitable sites for an Antarctic research station: A case for a new Chinese research station. Antarctic Science. Doi:10.1017/S0954102013000965.
2.Qing ji, Xiaoping Pang, Xi Zhao (2014), A bibliometric analysis of research on Antarctica during 1993-2012, Scientometrics, 2014, Doi: 10.1007/s11192- 014-1332-5
3.Xi Zhao, Haoyue Su, Alfred Stein, Xiaoping Pang (2015), Comparison between AMSR-E ASI sea-ice concentration product, MODIS and pseudo-ship observations of the Antarctic sea-ice edge, Annals of Glaciology, 2015, 56 (69), 45-52
4.Xi Zhao, Lei Xu, Alfred Stein and Xiaoping Pang (2016). The impact of averaging methods on the trend analysis of the Antarctic sea ice extent and perimeter. Spatial Statistics. 18 (2016) 221–233
5.FENG Lian, LI Juan, GONG Weishu, et al.(2016), Radiometric cross-calibration of Gaofen-1 WFV cameras using Landsat-8 OLI images: A solution for large view angle associated problems[J]. Remote Sensing of Environment, 2016,174:56-68
6.LI Juan, FENG Lian, PANG Xiaoping, et al.(2016),Radiometric cross calibration of Gaofen-1 WFV cameras using Landsat-8 OLI images: A simple image-based method[J]. Remote Sensing, 2016 online
7.Xiaoping Pang, Haiyan Liu and Xi Zhao (2013) Site selection for the next Chinese Antarctic research station. 26th International Cartographic Conference, Dresden, Germany, August 25-30, 2013.Oral presentation
8.Xi Zhao, Haoyue Su, Xiaoping Pang, Alfred Stein, Zian Cheng (2014) Comparison of AMSR-E concentration product, MODIS and pseudo ship observation records at Antarctic Summer sea ice edge. International Symposium on Sea Ice in a Changing Environment, Hobart, Austrilia, March 10-14, 2014. Oral presentation
9.PANG Xiaoping & LI Yanhong (2012), Eco-environmental spatial characteristics of Fildes Peninsula based on TuPu models, Advances in Polar Science 2012 Vol. 23 (3-English): 155-162
10.AI Songtao, WANG Zemin, TAN Zhi, E Dongchen, YAN Ming(2013), Mass change study on Arctic glacier Pedersenbreen, during 1936-1990-2009, Chinese Science Bulletin, 2013, 58 (25): 3148-3154, 2013-1
11.AI Songtao, WANG Zemin, E Dongchen, Holmen Kim, Tanzhi, Zhou Chunxia, Sun Weijun(2014), Topography, ice thickness and ice volume of the glacier Pedersenbreen in Svalbard, using GPR and GPS, Polar Research, 2014, 33: DOI: 10.3402
12.Ai Songtao, Zhang Jie, E Dongchen (2011), Design & realization of interactive management system for M/V XUELONG: An interactive management information system based on web GIS, 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Management Science and Electronic Commerce, 2011, 2020-2023

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