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LI Fei

PHD supervisor
Physical Geodesy
•Academic Experiences
Professor of Wuhan University
Vice-president of Wuhan University and Director of CACSM
Member, SCAR Standing Committee on Antarctic Geographic Information
Scientific expeditions once in the Antarctica and twice in the Arctic.
•Research Results
Major articles:
1. Surui XIE, Fei LI, Jianguo YAN, Research and development of the geocenter motion estimation based on space geodesy and geophysical methods, Progress in Geophysics, 2014, 29 (1): 15-24
2. Zhen ZHONG, Fei LI, JianGuo YAN, Xiaoyuan SHAO, Baogui KE, Localized gravity/topography admittance and cirrelation analysis of recent lunar gravity field models, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2013, 56 (3): 783-791 (SCI)
3. Jie ZHANG, Fei LI, Yidong LOU, Weifeng Hao, Ocean tide loading effect on GPS precise positioning, Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University, 2013, 38 (12): 1430-1434(EI)
4. Zhen ZHONG, Fei LI, Jianguo YAN, Xianyuan SHAO, Comparison and analysis on main and newly lunar gravity field model, Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University, 2013, 38 (4): 391-393 (EI)
5. Weifeng Hao, Fei LI, Mao YE, Jie ZHANG, Improvement of communication condition from lunar rover to deep space tracking station in Antarctic Great-wall Station, Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University, 2012, 37 (11): 1364-1368(EI)
6. Fei LI, Jianguo YAN, Jinsong PING, Shuhua YE, Geshi TANG, Lunar gravity field simulation based on big inclination orbiter, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2011, 54 (3): 666-672 (SCI)
7. Fei LI, Weifeng HAO, Wenrui WANG, Jie ZHANG, The Perturbat ion Analysis of Nonlinear Ill?conditioned Solution, Acta Geoda etica et Cartographica Sinica, 2011, 40 (1): 5-9 (EI)
8. Chanfang SHU,Fei LI.An iterative algorithm to compute geodetic coordinates[J]. Computers and Geosciences, 2010, 36(9):1145-1149 (SCI)
9. Jianguo YAN, Fei LI, Jinsong PING, Geshi TANG, Qian HUANG, Jianfeng CAO, Junze LIU, Lunar gravity field model CEGM一01 based on tracking data of Chang’E-1, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2010, 53 (12): 2843-2851(SCI)
10. Zhang Shengkai, E Dongchen, Li Fei, Huang Jifeng, Li Yuansheng, Wang Zemin and Zhang Xiaohong, The tidal singnals extraction from GPS data on the Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica, Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions, 2010, 2(3): 198-202
11. Fei LI, Baogui KE, Wenrui WANG, Jianguo YAN, EstimatiOn of the ancient lunar crust thickness fr0m the admittance, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2009, 52(8):2001-2007(SCI)
12. Liming ZHANG, Fei LI,Chen WU, Chuanyin ZHANG, Height datum unification between Shenzhen and Hong Kong using the solution of the linearized fixed-gravimetric boundary value problem, Journal of Geodesy, 2009, (83):411–417 (SCI)
13. Wenrui WANG, Fei LI, Jianguo YAN, Baogui KE, Wavelet multi-scale analysis on gravity anomaly and inner structure of the Moon, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2009, (83): 1693-1699 (SCI)
14. Fei LI, Shuwei WANG, Baogui KE, Optimization of Gravimetric Data Positions for Computation Local Geoid by Clustering Analysis, Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University, 2009, 34(3): 257-260 (EI)
15. Fei LI, Jianguo YAN, Principle and Method of Lunar Gravity Field Determination and Project on Self-determinational Lunar Gravity Field, Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University, 2007, 32 (1): 6-10(EI)
16. Fei Li, Jianguo YAN, Jinsong PING, Lunar exploration and lunar gravity field determination, Progress in Geophysics, 2006, 21 (1): 31-37
17. Fei LI, Jianli YUE, Liming ZHANG, Determination of geoid by GPS/Gravity data, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2005, 48 (2): 294-298
18. Fei LI, Yanmei ZHANG, Xiao CHEN, An Experimental Study of DEM Acquirement from ASTER Based Stereopair, Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping, 2004, (11): 1-7
19. Fei LI, Chanfang SHU, Wu CHEN, A ReView 0f the Application of GPS/INS Integmtion in Remote Sensing, Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping, 2004, (12): 1-4
20. Fei Li, Wu CHEN, Jianli YUE, On solution and application of GPS /GRAVITY Boundary value problem, Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2003, 46 (5): 595-599
21. Fei Li, Wu CHEN, Jianli YUE, Physical Geodesy with GPS, ACTA GEODAETICA et CARTOGRAPHICA SINICA, 2003, 32 (8): 198-203

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