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Time:2021-12-16 22:24:07
Leading Members  
ZHANG Xiaohong professor and director
  E-mail: xhzhang@sgg.whu.edu.cn
  Tel: 86-27-68758512
PANG Xiaoping professor and vice-director
  E-mail: pxp@whu.edu.cn
  Tel: 86-27-68778227
AI Songtao professor and vice-director
  E-mail: ast@whu.edu.cn
  Tel: 86-27-68777389
ZHOU Chunxia professor and vice-director
  E-mail: zhoucx@whu.edu.cn
  Tel: 86-27-68778427
Research Groups 
  • Polar Geodesy and Geodynamics
  • Polar Remote Sensing
  • Polar Mapping and Geographic Information
  • Polar Solid Earth Physics
  • Polar Public Governance


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