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Academic Activities

Time:2019-03-27 12:01:59
Organizing Symposiums or Workshops 
2018-10 Wuhan International Symposium on Remote Sensing and Global Change: The Antarctic, Arctic, and Tibetan Plateau
2016-10 Wuhan International Symposium on Polar Environmental Change and Public Governance
2015-5 Wuhan 3-day Course on the making techniques and methods of polar thematic maps
2014-11 Wuhan International Symposium on Polar Science and its Interaction with Global Environmental Change
2011-9 Wuhan China Symposium on Polar Science 2011
2004-5 Wuhan AntGIS 2004-International GIS Workshop on East Antarctica
Academic Exchange Visits 
2018-9 Bremen, Germany Dr. ZHANG Yu, post-doctor at University of Bremen for two years
2018-9 Seattle, USA Dr. ZHAO Xi, visiting scholar at University of Washington for one year
2018-5 Wuhan Prof. Mohamed E Shokr (Environment Canada) visted CACSM and worked for one month

2017-11 Barcelona, Spain Dr. AN Jiachun, visiting scholar at Polytechnic University of Catalonia for one year
2017-12 Columbus, USA Dr. KE Hao, visiting scholar at the Ohio State University for one year
2016-9 Canberra, Australia Dr. LIU Haiyan, visiting scholar at the Australian National University for one year
2016-8 Wuhan Delegation from Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) visisted CACSM
2016-4 Wuhan Prof. Mohamed E Shokr (Environment Canada) visted CACSM
2016-3 Wuhan Prof. Alfred Stein (the University of Twente) visited CACSM
2015-8 Tromsø, Norway Dr. AI Songtao, visiting scholar at Norwegian Polar Institute for one year
2015-7 Wuhan Dr. TSENG Hongzeng (Cheng Kung University, Taiwan), visiting scholar at CACSM for one month 
2013-6 Wuhan Prof. Kim Johan Holmén (Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway) visited CACSM
2013-2 Los Angeles, USA Dr. ZHOU Chunxia, visiting scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for one year
2012-8 Heidelberg, Germany Prof. WANGZemin, cooperative research at the Institute of Geography, Heidelberg University
2011-6 Wuhan Prof. Bryan Storey (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) visited CACSM


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